How to Raise $1000 with 3 Simple Steps
in about 30 Minutes

This 4 Minutes takes all the pressure off…


Step 1:  Social Media Script (Be Sure to Use Your Team’s Fundraising Link)

You can use the image I’ve provided down below by right clicking and downloading to your computer desktop and then uploading it to your social media post along with the text below.  As always, feel free to modify to fit your style. 

Hello, my friends!  I’m asking you to help me out.  I am golfing in a tournament on June 11th as a fundraiser for an amazing organization called Amborella House.  Sex trafficking is a huge problem and I want to do my part to help women who have survived to have a powerful future.  I’ve made it my personal goal to raise $1000 for this cause and I’m asking you to help me reach my goal.  Just use the link provided.  It’s super easy and I would be so grateful for your help. Comment below to let me know you’re in.  (It’s also OK if you don’t want to comment)  Here is the link:  (paste team fundraising link here)


Use this image for your post if you would like.  Posts with images tend to help. 
(Right click on computer or save to images on your phone)


Step 2:  Email 15 People (Within a day or two of posting your social media post, send an email to 15 of your closest people.  Here are some great words to use in your email)

NOTE:  You can use the BCC trick that I discussed in the video to send all the emails at once, but you’ll get a bigger impact if you send them one by one and use their names like below.  It will only add about 5 minutes more work and effort 🙂 

Subject:  Will you help me?

Text:  Hi _____,

I hope you are doing well.  I’m not particularly good at this so I’m going to just jump right in to why I’m sending you this request.  

I am playing in a golf tournament on June 11th to benefit an organization that helping women who have survived sex trafficking to build a bright and self reliant future for themselves.  I’ve recently found out how prevalent and how local sex trafficking is and I really want to do something to help. 

Anyway, I’ve set a personal goal to raise $1000 for this cause because I believe in it so much.  I’m only sending this email to a handful of my closest people that I believe would care and want to help. 

Would you be willing to help me reach my goal by donating to this cause?  All I really need is for 10 people to donate $100 or something like that.  You can certainly give more or less if you want.  🙂

Here is the link that makes it easy to donate and the link also tracks your donation toward my goal.
(Paste Team Fundraising Page Link Here)

Thanks for considering this.  It means a lot!

For more information about Amborella House and the good work they are doing in this very dark area, you can take a look at their website.  Here is the link for that.

Reply back and let me know that you have donated, that would be helpful but you don’t have to. 

Thanks again _____,



Step 3:  Divide and Call (After you receive an update from Amborella House on your fundraising efforts, you will know how much you have raised through steps 1 & 2)

Take the remaining amount left to reach your goal.  For example if you raised $500 in steps 1 & 2, that leaves $500 left to raise. 

Make a list of 5 people. This could be people on your email list that have not yet given.  They probably didn’t get or read the email)

Call those 5 people and use this easy script. 

(Script is optional:  Don’t be afraid to do a direct ask.  People appreciate when you are up front with them and are more often willing to donate because of it)

Ring, Ring, Ring

Them:  Hello

You:  Hey _____ it’s ________.

Them:  Hey, how are you?

You:  I’m doing great.  I have a quick question for you.

Them:  Sure

You:  I’m not sure if you got the email I sent but I’m kinda asking for some help. 

I signed up to help this organization called Amborella House by playing in their golf tournament on June 11th.  It is an organization that is helping women who have survived sex trafficking to have a real future through therapy, GED completion, College enrollment and a bunch of other things.

I recently found out how prevalent and local sex trafficking is and I signed up to help.

Them:  Wow!

You:  Yeah, thanks.  Well the reason I’m calling is because I need help reaching my goal of $1000.  I have $500 left to raise and I was hoping I could get 5 people to give $100 to reach my goal.  I’m wondering if you will consider helping me out with this? 

It’s awkward to ask but would you be willing to help out? 

Them:  Um, yeah.  I can do that.  But you owe me one big time. 

You:  Seriously?  Ok.  I’ll owe you one.  I appreciate it.  I’m going to send you a secure link that will help track your donation toward my goal.  Is that ok? 

Them:  That works.

You:  Awesome.  I’ll do that as soon as we hang up…  I’ll also owe you one.   Let me know if you want to know more about Amborella House, I can send you their website as well.