Challenge Issued!  What could happen in the next 3 days?

With only 10 days left before the big event, it’s go time.  I sent this text message out to just 10 couples and had $800 in committed donations in just 11 minutes.  My goal was met shortly after.   

Copy this text and place it into 10 individual text messages to friends and family.  Remember, you are asking them to support an amazing cause so don’t hesitate to do this.  I received several thank you messages from folks who want to do something about sex trafficking but don’t know where to start.   

Once you have sent this text.  Some will reply back and say “YES”.  Then just send them your fundraising link with a hearty “Thank you so much for doing this.”  

Here is the exact language to use:

Hi _____.  I hope you are doing well.  I have a golf tournament coming up to raise money for sex trafficked survivors at Amborella House.  I’m trying to raise $1000 for the mission and was hoping to get 10 of my people to give $100 each to make this happen.  You may or may not know about Amborella House but it has become important to me, as has the issue of sex trafficking.  If you would be willing to be one of my 10, that would be awesome.  I’ve included a short video for you if you want to know more.  Let me know if you’re in and I’ll send you a link to make it easy for you.  
NOTE:  With every “Yes” reply, send them your fundraising link along with a Thank You message.  
The Challenge:  Raise $250 by Friday this week!  You can do it.  You are making a HUGE difference.  Every dollar counts. 
Let me know if you have any questions,
Chad Goehring
Amborella House